Johannes Cordes

Co Founder & Managing Partner

Johannes is a well-established expert with over 22 years of expertise in the music and entertainment industry, who has since been exploring innovative ventures with potential for worldwide adoption. Johannes’ music industry experience spans from smaller private labels all the way to the top management levels of music “giants” such as Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. In 2014, Johannes founded his own company which provides conceptual consulting and implementation of various projects. His professional background consists not only of top-level management, as well as identification and projection of key opportunities, but also an in-depth knowledge of content creation, distribution, and marketing, platform economies and blockchain technology. His insight is pivotal in forming YouBhappy’s value offering and driving its industry-wide application.

Michael Manzke

Co Founder & Managing Partner

Michael Manzke – the primary ideator of the concept and architect of the platform structure – is a product owner and digital transformation consultant. With nearly 20 years of experience in Web-IT, Michael has gained incredible insight into the mindset and perspective needed to formulate ideas, develop MVPs and build ecosystems that can be successful in real life. Michael’s experience in the realm of innovation encompasses all phases from idea generation, to prototyping, to pre-launch preparations, to ultimate execution. Specifically, he has expertise in UX design and visualisation, strategy formulation for digital transformation, as well as ultimate planning and management.

Samuil Sarandev

Managing Partner

Samuil is a young professional who has an underlined interest in new business development for SMEs and entirely new concepts alike. His prior work experience includes business development and project coordination for Missia23, Ligna Studios, and CreaTech Bulgaria. His new venture experience includes concept projects such as “MediFinder”, an inventory management tool for medical facilities, reaching the final of the 2020 Bayer Digital Campus Challenge, as well as grassroots development for the online media His strong suits are innovative thinking, strategic planning, and partnership management.

Genoveva Christova

Managing Partner

Genoveva is a serial entrepreneur and cluster development expert with a strong interest in the creative industries. She is the Co-Owner and Managing Director of Ligna Group, Ligna Studios, and CreaTech Hub “Missia23”. Genoveva is the President of the Bulgarian Furniture Cluster as well as an active member in multiple cross-regional cluster collaboration projects in her capacity as an expert on SME growth and support. Her affinity towards the creative industries has led her to numerous notable initiatives in the sector, such as being the artist manager of VICTORIA and producer of Bulgaria’s participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2020 and 2021. She is currently focusing her efforts on the development of the Bulgarian landscape for creative innovation and creative technology – “createch”.

Martin Tonev


Martin Tonev has been involved with web development for more than 10+ years, at least 7 of which he has been doing this full time. His experience focuses on web projects with a strong focus on PHP going along with the evolving frameworks. He also has a great level of understanding of WordPress and has released a couple of proprietary themes. Apart from that he also has several e-commerce projects under his belt and many custom complex server-side implementations supporting mobile applications which are collaborations done with other developers for various clients. In addition, he has worked extensively with Laravel and managed to deliver significant commercial value to businesses he worked for by building a highly customized analytics platform incorporating a smart data tool. Martin is a solid problem solver and has a great commitment to promised deadlines. He loves to collaborate with multiple developers and other functional parties like designers etc and is a real team player.


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