What is YouBhappy.

YouBhappy combines different aspects of marketing campaigns into one cohesive  platform.

About YouBhappy

youBhappy utilises Challenges as tool to drive engagement and content for marketing campaigns.

Our customers

youBhappy is the platform where brands, agencies, influencers, content creators and users come together to create shared experiences via „challenges“!

Our mission

youBhappy promotes the creation of creative content and its evolution and distribution into collaborative content marketing campaigns. Engagement is rewarded.

Challenge Microsites without Coding

Challenges to drive Engagement

The Internet has changed the world. Globalization has been fueled by the Internet and the world has moved closer and closer together. This fact has fundamentally changed many things. Among others also the marketing of any kind of products. While newspaper or magazine ads, TV- and radio commercials used to be the means to sell products, today they are dominated by social media and online marketing. Essentially, today everyone is capable of creating content (audiovisual) and distributing it via the Internet. 

Some who create and distribute a lot of content become so-called influencers because their content is consumed by many other people and these people follow the influencers and their actions (so-called followers). In Germany alone, 3.8 billion euros are expected to be spent on social media advertising in 2022 (approx. 150 billion euros worldwide). Furthermore, the rate of increase in spending is forecasted to be around 12.23%. In 2026, spending on social media marketing in Germany alone will be around 6.02 billion euros. For content marketing alone, 10 billion euros were spent worldwide in 2021.

Youbhappy is BAFA INVEST approved. Business Angel Investments of up to 200.000 € are eligible for a subsidy of 25% by the german government.


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